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The history of the Lepple family
Haus alt
Jakob Lepple
Frieda und Karl
Oma and friends 1956
Juli 1978
Haus 1997
Uschi 1986
Alte Bar
Andra und Nicole Oktoberfestparty
Uschi 2007
Uschi und Uschi
Team 2017

The brewery with house and barn bought by Jakob Lepple in 1907 was already the most popular meeting point in Vöhringen. Two beers were brewed at that time.

The harvest beer brewed for harvest was just as popular as the strong dark leplator. However, a large part of the brewery inventory was destroyed or looted by the Second World War, and Jakob Lepple and his wife Ursula died before the end of the war.

When the second-born son Karl came back from captivity in 1949 to take over the brewery,

there was a fundamental renovation of the premises.

The brewery was not restored. Together with Friedericke Bauer, a young refugee woman from the Egerland, he created a gastronomic gem for the Vöhringen citizens. Big and small celebrations, joy and suffering, you could experience all of this in the Bräuhaus.

The years went by and the tradition of the Lepples in Vöhringen was continued by the daughter Ursula in 1984. The young woman amazed the Vöhringer Leut with a young impetus and new ideas and the decades-long meeting point got a new shine.

Until 2004, the cooking spoon was swung with joy and heart with long-time friend Uschi Zeilmann.

Now, after another 13 years, this family business under the direction of Andra Lepple is entering another round of convivial hospitality.

Now in the 4th generation of the Lepple family, a new era for a traditional tavern is beginning.

The brewery always manages to combine Swabian traditions with a modern lifestyle.

Experience the brewery live and visit us.

We look forward to you!

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