Our team

A whole bunch of Swabian hospitality!

Welcome to the most unusual tavern in the region.

I talk Swabian, are tattooed and a little crazy.

We love Swabian cuisine and excellent honest service.

We are elegant and robust.

The new lady-boss

ANDRA Lepple has taken over the traditional business from her mother Uschi Lepple since 2019.


USCHI Lepple ran the brewery with passion and creativity for over 30 years and is famous for her Swabian cuisine and her cheerful conviviality.


ALEJO alias Alexander Timmermanns has been the top rooster among us “Lepple” chickens for over 6 years. With a lovingly robust temperament he is always available for fun jokes. This bedrock from Söflingen keeps a calm head even in the wildest situations and is our rock in the surf.


JANINA Henkelmann is the elegant lady of the house. With her calm, attentive manner she always enchants her guests. She has been delighting us with her pleasant durability for over 7 years.


INGRID Jäckel has been delighting guests with their courtesy for over 15 years. She loves to stage the place with candlelight. Always on the go, she fulfills almost all of her guests' wishes.


TOBI Suwald is the most charming bar counter since inns were founded. He has been passionately at the tap for over 15 years and tops off beer.

Gasthof Bräuhaus Lepple

Andra Lepple

Ulmer Str. 1

89269 Vöhringen

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